It all starts with a thread and an eye of a needle...

Cruna was born in Vicenza in 2013 from the intuition of two young boys, Alessandro and Tommaso, who were looking for new updated and quality trousers. Cruna trousers are made from the best fabrics and accessories, strictly Made in Italy combined with technical and stylistic innovation.
They are a product that wants to meet the needs of modern and dynamic men. Cruna’s products are the result of a pact in which quality meets innovation, identified by an iconic Cruna sewn on the right side of the pants.

Made in Italy

All our garments are made entirely in Italy. Our short supply chain allows us to have complete control over the production process, benefiting from speed and flexibility in the management of workflows. We choose the best and innovative fabrics, we give them an up-to-date shape and we trust the hands of the most experienced artisans, producing quality garments that are born from tradition but look to the future.

Cruna: The Elevated Casual

In balance between its roots and the vocation to internationality, Cruna is inspired by global trends to propose trousers with artisanal quality combined with stylistic choices and modern and updated fabrics. The symbol of Cruna identifies the tradition of craftsmanship, know-how, patience and dedication oriented to the care and quality of the product.

The Founders

Tommaso Pinotti & Alessandro Fasolo

True product sustainability is in giving value to every single creation. Create garments of high intrinsic and emotional value, recreating the sense of wonder in front of a new proposal and well-being for the wearer.