Spring Summer 2019

A modern and elegant collection that arises from a sentimental and exotic journey towards rediscovering details, fabrics and craftsmanship.

Cool Wool

Cool wool is a natural fibre that can be worn across seasons, thanks to the versatile ability to keep you warm during winter and fresh and cool during spring and summer. Naturally soft and resistant it’s the perfect fabric for menswear.


Linen yarn has been part of the western culture for many centuries.
It is a noble fiber, resistant, cool, with a coarse texture and low impact cultivation, preferably used in summer.


Cotton is a light, cool and strong fabric. Its name comes from the Arab Katun and together with linen and wool it’s the most ancient textile in the world. Cotton doesn’t protect you from the cold, as does wool, but it protects you very well from the heat. A Nobel and resistant fabric to be used preferably in spring and summer.

Indaco Twill

The word Jeans comes from Genova, the port from which in ancient times this material was exported. Since the 1980’s north-eastern Italy has played an unique and important role in the history of jeans, mastering this versatile and resistant fabric, always synonym of originality.

Cruna Travel

Innovation meets the needs of men that never stop.
A special capsule where high performance , comfort, non-iron, breathable, low maintenance and minimum space fabrics, meet style.