Cruna is a clothing brand for those looking for style and design, capable of offering an accurate vision of high-level casual-wear.

Made in Italy

All our garments are made exclusively in Italy. Our short supply chain allows us to have full contact with the production process, favoring speed and flexibility in the management of operational flows. We only choose quality and innovative local materials, giving them a contemporary but timeless shape. We entrust them to the hands of the most expert craftsmen of the Veneto region, producing garments that are born from tradition but with an eye to the future.

Cruna: the Elevated Casual

In balance between Venetian roots and a vocation for internationality, Cruna is inspired by global influences to offer sartorial quality combined with modernity. The Cruna symbol represents the artisan tradition, savoir-faire, patience and dedication aimed at the care and beauty of the product.

Our Values.

A delicate confidence that speaks for itself.
Woven into the threads of every garment.
A delicate delicate confidence that speaks for itself.
Without compromising on quality and craftsmanship.